"Softly Felted" cardigans

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"A-symmetrie", a cardigan inspired by the waistcoat!

"Pocketed", real fun, with a feature pocket

"Wrapped", perfect as added warmth,

"Envelope", loose fitting, wrap around with a large collar

"Get Knotted" , a versatile garment which can be as casual as you like it to be! Longer back styling, with little "knotable" tails, turn back cuffs to allow for some sleeve length adjustment.
Now also available in longline styling.

"Waterfall" , a  casual cardigan, wear it open , fastened into a loose blazer or fastened asymmetrically.

"Edge to Edge", very classic styling, inset sleeves with decorative pleat at top, conventional with a twist!

"Shruggy", a little something to add warmth and be decorative at the same time. Handdyed colours only.

"Superponcho", a big wrap with attached scarf, perfect for a cold car journey.

"Folded", a very simple wrap for extra decorative warmth!  Folds flat for travelling.

"Mandarin" to cheer even the dullest day, knitted in colour blocks with bright mother-of-pearl buttons.

"Waistcoat", a new twist to this classic style, asymmetric shaping and 3 colours in each garment to brighten any outfit.

"Sleeves Plus", a minimalist wrap to keep warm in style!

"Edge to Edge" cardigan
colour lupin/inferno

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berry brights

"Get Knotted" cardigan
colour mulberry/quince

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"Waterfall" cardigan
colour indigo

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